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What is a Notarisation?

The term “notarisation” refers to a process which assures all parties who share in a transaction that a document is authentic, and can be trusted. The seal of a notary attorney, or notary public, on a document indicates that the document has been notarised by a notary attorney.

This is necessary, in part, because technology has made business transactions possible without having to show up in person. As such, some international, or national, dealings require by law to be authenticated (notarised) by a notary attorney. It should be noted that a Commissioner of Oaths is not an equal body to that of a notary attorney, and do not carry the same supremacy. However, a Commissioner of Oaths is legally empowered to certify documents, but the certification does not bare the same value as that of a notary attorney. As such, a document certified by a Commissioner of Oaths cannot be accepted in other countries; whereby, a document authenticated by a notary attorney can. Certain documents must be authenticated by a notary attorney by law. such documents may be those which relate to the dealings of immovable property, power of attorney, authorising consent for a minor to travel abroad, and job or visa applications.

What is a Notarisation


What is a Notarisation


What is a Notarisation


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