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Professional Legal Services is an extensive legal website network. Our team offers brilliant rates, responds within 1 working hour and most importantly, will look at the person or businesses needs in context of the matter at hand and customize care for that specific client. We consult on preventative measures in addition to defending or mitigating a case. Our objectives:

  • We want to offer legal support to more people,
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  • Build long term relationships with clients.

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Our service provider partner. is currently in an exclusivity agreement with Dhooge Law: a multidisciplinary boutique legal practice offering value-based bespoke legal solutions. Our firm’s expertise lie in the fields of property law and conveyancing, wills and administration of estates, all aspects of civil and commercial litigating, family law, as well as commercial and company law. Commitment to our Client’s needs is the fundamental principle upon which the firm was founded in 1998. Our vision is to develop lasting relationships with our Clients and offer general and specialised professional services tailor-made to their specific needs.


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What is a Notarisation?

The term “notarisation” refers to a process which assures all parties who share in a transaction that a document is authentic, and can be trusted. The seal of a notary attorney, or notary public, on a document indicates that the document has been notarised by a notary attorney.

This is necessary, in part, because technology has made business transactions possible without having to show up in person. As such, some international, or national, dealings require by law to be authenticated (notarised) by a notary attorney. It should be noted that a Commissioner of Oaths is not an equal body to that of a notary attorney, and do not carry the same supremacy. However, a Commissioner of Oaths is legally empowered to certify documents, but the certification does not bare the same value as that of a notary attorney. As such, a document certified by a Commissioner of Oaths cannot be accepted in other countries; whereby, a document authenticated by a notary attorney can. Certain documents must be authenticated by a notary attorney by law. such documents may be those which relate to the dealings of immovable property, power of attorney, authorising consent for a minor to travel abroad, and job or visa applications.

What is a Notarisation